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[Essen Spiel '19] Dragon Geass Promotion
I tried "All Sai Fuji Nippon"
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All Sai Fuji Nippon Last updated
● Recommended for people like this! ・ Those who are looking for a game that everyone can enjoy. ・ Those who have become addicted to the sister product, "The Crossing World is Only Nabe," and cannot live without the same kind of stimulation. Saito, Saito, Saito, Saito ... Turn over the "Sai Fuji Card" and draw the same "Sai" character! 5 ways to play with 24 kinds of "Rhino". Your rhino sensation will be tested. A nervous breakdown game that is strong and exciting! !!
Love letter Last updated
You can learn it in 3 minutes and play it in 10 minutes, but you can enjoy the deep bargaining, so you will want to play it as many times as you want! Received the Japan Boardgame Prize in 012 Golden Geek Award 2013: 4 categories Dice Tower Award 2012: 2 categories Meeple's Choice Award 2014: 4th The Morning News 2012: 10 Best Gift Games 2014 Origins Award Traditional Card Game Category Winner
Time bomb Last updated
Stop the time bomb explosion that rewinds time! ◎ You can easily enjoy psychological warfare with simple rules! ◎ No dropouts will occur until the end! ◎ There is an additional selection rule (the appearance of the third camp)! ◎ Fun illustrations by illustrator 326 will liven up the atmosphere!
Kaiju on the Earth series 2nd "Levias" Last updated
[Scheduled to be released in late July 2020] The second in the KOE series is a shark-shaped monster! Search for the position of the monster that hides deep in the sea with sonar, Enclose with "ultrasonic mines"! Does human intelligence surpass the mysterious sea dragon? That is the second Kaiju on the Earth series "Levias".
Kickstarter Navi, a useful information site for Kickstarter for Japan, has prepared a special page to support the production and overseas expansion of Japanese board game creators!
I'm interested in crowdfunding, but I can't take a step ..... I want to make an overseas version, but I don't know how to do it ... English support seems difficult .....
Creators who have troubles such as! Kickstarter will support you!