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5 minutes explanation of how to play the board game "Red Thread Daisakusen"
Board game "The Key: Theft of Quay" maker official rule introduction video
New board game introduction: 2nd game picture book "Phobos no Hoshimeguri", 3rd "Atlantis no Hakken"
New board game introduction "Spinning Adventure"
Board game "Begging Patisserie" 1 minute video
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Founded in 2006, "Sugorokuya Co., Ltd." has two of Japan's largest board game sales specialty stores, "Sugorokuya," in Tokyo, planning and producing its own products, localizing overseas games for the domestic market, and retailing stores nationwide. We are a "comprehensive board game company" that comprehensively conducts all board game-related businesses such as wholesale distribution to retailers, book publishing, event management, and lectures / training. We are dealing with modern board games and card games that will surely surprise you, "There was still such an interesting thing!" That combines the fun of being able to demonstrate the intellectuality of adults and the fun of being happy like a child. ..
The Key: Theft of Quay Zhuang Last updated
"The Key: Theft of Quays" is a fragmentary witness of three theft cases whose truth is uncertain because they occurred on the same day, each of which quickly picks up the cards scattered on the desk. It is a game that collects testimony and evidence and guesses the correct combination of who stole what, when and how, with as few clues as possible.
Atlantis Hakken Last updated
In "Atlantis no Hakken", while turning the pages and reading the story, you become a young adventurer and board a submersible, and the story branches depending on the choices and split pages that are sometimes pressed for each situation, and you can get equipment. This is the third installment of a series of game picture books that can be enjoyed from the age of four, searching for treasures that sleep in the city "Atlantis" that sank to the bottom of the sea long ago while being covered with water leaks.
Phobos's Homeguri Last updated
In "Phobos's Hoshimeguri", while turning the pages and reading the story, you become a young adventurer and board the spaceship "Phobos". This is the second installment of a series of game picture books that can be enjoyed from the age of four, where you can get and collect rewards while helping a friend who has been in distress in space and the robot tribe "Phobos".
Spinning adventure Last updated
"Spinning Adventure" is a special game where everyone works together to tilt the board in the direction you want to go and to make small vibrations so that you can rotate the spinning tops in a different world on eight stepped boards on both sides. It is a game in which you complete missions one after another by passing checkpoints while climbing steps from the mark and moving between boards by pouring or big jumps.
Operation Red Thread Last updated
"Red Thread Daisakusen" sends a letter in a miniature envelope to the posts of various people and exchanges it, and confesses courage to the person who believed in both feelings that "I should be sending love letters to each other". However, it is a game that challenges whether to succeed in the challenge of fate or to connect the two people in a noisy manner.
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