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[Board game introduction] Cemetery Semera Lettery [Game Market 2020 Autumn New]
Board game "Human Wolf Duel Playing with Two People Wolf Game" [Explanation]
[Nico Nico video version] Board game "Human Wolf Duel: Human Wolf Game Played by Two People" [Explanation]
Board game "Human Wolf Duel Playing with Two People Wolf Game" [Play Edition ①]
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Human Wolf Duel A human wolf game played by two people Last updated
A new wolf game that doesn't require a moderator, no conversation, no large number of people, no space or time! "I want to get a big number, but wait a minute, maybe that card is a human wolf?" It is a game where you can enjoy the dilemma and the pleasure of stepping on a trap!
Cemetery Cemera Lettery Last updated
Auction x area majority set in a graveyard! Use the dice to make money and use it to win auctions and expand your territory. Improve your score by gaining territories according to a particular shape or by acquiring the most territories. A full-scale board game full of readings that makes you want to play repeatedly!
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I'm interested in crowdfunding, but I can't take a step ..... I want to make an overseas version, but I don't know how to do it ... English support seems difficult .....
Creators who have troubles such as! Kickstarter will support you!