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[Introduction video] Trick-taking "American Book Shop" (Twin Lion Hall)
[Yuruge] Play with "Tower of Babel"
[Bitaby & Twin Lion Hall] Board game fortune-telling & product introduction (Game Market Live)
Bitaby & Twin Lion Doso Store
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Bitaby & Twin Lion Hall
[Bitaby] Vitaby is a brand that handles books and board games under the theme of "a journey through art." Through play, I try to create works that are familiar to all arts in the world. [Twin Lion Hall] Twin Lion Hall is a former online bookstore for the 10th year this year. It opened in April 2013 in Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, with the mottos of "real encounter" and "books and bookstores that remain for 100 years". Reopened in October 2015 in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo! At our shop, we have a variety of specialists, including novelists, select books and sell them.
Traveling Gamebook: Vienna Last updated
A gamebook that travels through the streets of Vienna, Austria. Depending on the player's choice, the destination to visit will change. Map your Vienna by finding your favorite place from hundreds of choices, including cafes, museums, historic architecture and amusement parks! There are multiple branches in the trip, so you can enjoy it no matter how many times you read it.
American Book Shop New Edition Last updated
The theme is "bookstore and literature", the game genre is "trick-taking", Released with a short story about the birth of the game! The game designer is Daiki Niizawa, who has worked on many games such as "Maskmen" (Oink Games) and "Lewis" (malaise). "When I was working at the worst bookstore in America, a crappy store manager confiscated my precious playing cards. I got angry, and this time I prepared a game that doesn't get caught by him, a game that uses "books". That's why "American Book Shop" Introductory video is also available
The Bird in Borrowed (Murder Dual) Last updated
The two-player detective game Murder Dual "The Bird in Borrowed Colors" (product version) will be on sale by the fall of Game Market 2020. "The Bird in Borrowed Crow" is a game in which two people aim to solve a case while having a free talk. The system includes the acquisition of hints by acting (role play). It is a game that you can enjoy reasoning and role play, influenced by various analog games such as the popular Murder mystery, escape games, TRPGs, and board games. The theme is "Aesop's fairy tale", and the player becomes a character in the world of fairy tales and challenges the mystery of the case.