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[Gift Zazenkai @ Online] Online Zazenkai Live Streaming [From 19:30 on July 9th (Friday)] & [21: 00 ~ Playing postcard-type temple board games "Flower Festival" and "Flower Sermon" saw】
How to play Jodo Soroku Paper Craft
Introductory video of the temple board game "DANKA-"
[Application rule: Play video] Bongou New Year's equinoctial week [Grave visit x Trite]
[Play video] Let's talk as WA [Temple board game how to play video] I tried playing the new version with two monks
Let's talk about "Fuji Meeting"
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Yoga lottery "Fuji no Kai"
We produce board games and card games with the theme of temples and Buddhism. Goshuin Atsume / Danka -DANKA- / Jodo Soroku Paper Craft / Flower Festival / Flower Sermon / Let's Talk as WA New Edition / Bongure New Year Both Higan The new 2021 work is a grave x trick-taking "Bongure New Year's equinoctial week" [Official website] [Game Market Booth]
Bongou New Year's equinoctial week Last updated
"Bongure New Year's equinoctial week" is a card game with the theme of "visiting the grave". Twelve mini-games will be played, and the winner will be decided for each mini-game. When it's your turn, all you have to do is take out one of the cards you have (according to the conditions on the board). Before you start the game, predict what you will get in 12 mini-games. After the 12 mini-games, the result of all the wins and losses is compared, and the person who can do the most as expected wins! It is a card game called. If you win the mini-game, you can activate the character ability, if the winner of the mini-game divides, or if you call the boss, you can win without asking questions. It is a card game with plenty of flavors for visiting graves. [Event price ¥ 2500-]
Let's talk as WA New edition Last updated
We gathered at our parents' house for the first time in a long time. Siblings, parents and children, distant relatives. Flowers bloom in memories. By chance, we decided to ask each other "things that we wouldn't bother to talk about." If you don't ask, you won't answer. "Your personality" may appear in such a small place. And the accumulation of everyone's "ness" will also be the accumulation of family history. Let's talk, remember and remember to tell the history of the family. "Let's talk as WA" when friends gather in Obon on New Year's Day! [Event price ¥ 2000-]
Danka -DANKA- Last updated
There was a town surrounded by the Great Buddha and temples. The priests of the temple were trying hard to convey Buddhism to the people. Manage the Great Buddha, build temple facilities, and provide hospitality. Of course, daily training is indispensable. We players will be the priests of the temple and we will have 100 residents of the town become fans of your temple. Who is the player most loved by Danya? [Event price ¥ 9000]
Jodo Soroku Paper Craft Last updated
"Jodo Soroku" is a traditional game from the Edo period that goes from hell to paradise in line with the Buddhist worldview. That "Jodo Soroku" became a paper craft and came to the present age! Let's play sugoroku on the stage of Buddhist astronomy, Mt. Meru world view. The beginning is the human world. Reincarnation of hell and heaven? Climb the training stage and aim for the Buddhahood. (You can also play as "Jodo Soroku" without making a paper craft.) [Event price ¥ 4500]
Goshuin Atsume (2nd edition) Last updated
Goshuin is a proof that the sutras are copied to the temple. In the world of Heisei, it is popular as a proof of worship. The player becomes a worshiper of the temple, pays the sutras, and collects the red stamps. You can connect with many Buddhas, or you can deepen your relationship with the same Buddha. The player who gets the most points in connection with the Buddha will be the winner! [Event price ¥ 6500]