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We are making a mystery solving & escape game that you can play at home. We are currently working on a new work!
Escape from the submarine base Neo Atlantis Last updated
STORY June 22, 2045 Oceanographer Chris Ciphers was diving to a depth of 500m to find out the true nature of the mysterious sound heard from the ocean floor. However, due to the influence of the storm, communication with the headquarters was interrupted, and only one person was left behind in the deep sea. As oxygen decreases from moment to moment, we trace the source of sound and discover a huge undersea base. However, it was a mysterious base not even marked on the nautical chart. Will Chris be able to escape safely ... This game is a game where you actually solve the mystery and escape from the trapped undersea base. ・ Genre: Mystery solving game ・ Number of players: 1 to 4 ・ Required environment: Smartphone with internet connection (not compatible with feature phones)
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I'm interested in crowdfunding, but I can't take a step ..... I want to make an overseas version, but I don't know how to do it ... English support seems difficult .....
Creators who have troubles such as! Kickstarter will support you!