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Anafra Knight shock! Play video Part 1 Anahura Knight SHOCK! Chicken race recommended for beginners! [Trick taking]
Anafra Knight shock! Play video Part 2 Anahura Knight SHOCK! Complete [Recommended for beginners]
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"Caricature detective", "Big snake's prey", "Code Zex", "Anafra knight shock!" We aim to create a game that everyone can enjoy.
Code Zex Cross Last updated
A request came to Detective J. Can you break the 6-character code faster than you can? Rule explanation simple. It is a party game that can be played by any number of people who can surround the table from 2. If you don't care about the details, it's easy to join in the middle of the game, so it's perfect for time adjustment games at game meetings. The game only solves the mystery by looking at the cards with 6 alphabets. If you don't understand, ask the questioner for a hint. It is a puzzle-solving party game that you can enjoy. ● For a limited time and free shipping, it is now cheaper at a special price.
Anafra Knight shock! Last updated
In this game, the player takes out one card from his hand and The player who issued the strongest card wins and wins the card Earn Some jewels can be scored on the card, but 3 3 types of poisonous monsters I'm lurking. Obtained in that round when affected by the same poison monster twice You lose points. Do you want to withdraw and score before you lose? Remain until later and get a lot of points Do you earn at once! !! It is an inevitable game of trick-taking + chicken racing. ● For a limited time and free shipping, it is now cheaper at a special price.