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How to play Nonotrump in 90 seconds, Millionaire Edition
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With the theme of "age and meta", we are producing games that raise the tension and excitement, and games that meta-interpret everyday and some games. Representative works are "Hunting Song" and "Trump Nonotrump without Numbers".
Hunting song application set Last updated
In addition to English used for J-POP such as "La La La", "Yeah", and "Yo", the "Hunting Song Application Set" is included in the "Hunting Song Basic Set" with a focus on conjunctions. Includes 29 cards that weren't there! And a new rule "Full Throttle Hunting Song" that mixes the basic set and the advanced set is posted! You can't help but aggress for faster game development! * Amazon is the price including shipping fee.
Hunting song basic set Last updated
This is a game in which you can play karuta cards such as "Kimi", "Surely", and "World" in the lyrics while actually playing J-POP. Let's play your favorite song and play it! * Amazon is the price including shipping fee.
Playing Cards without Numbers NONO Playing Cards Last updated
"In the end, the millionaire is the most interesting." Nonotrump is a card without numbers. Integers from "1 (A)" to "13 (K)" are written on each normal playing card, and the order is not overturned. However, the card of this work has ambiguous Japanese (adverbs) such as "a little" and "a little" written instead of numbers. Therefore, there is no fixed order for the cards, and the order will be different each time depending on the player's values. * Amazon has a separate shipping fee.
Hunting song paradigm shift Last updated
Hunting is a game in which you actually play J-POP and collect word cards such as "Kimi", "Surely", and "World" in the lyrics. In conventional hunting songs, for example, if it is "new", it corresponds only to its inflected form, and other inflected forms such as "new" and "new" could not be taken. On the other hand, by making a card like "new ()", you can take a variety of inflected forms with one card, and the probability of getting one card has dramatically increased is the hunting paradigm shift. is. It is a revolutionary version of the hunting song that can take more than 400 words even though it is 120 sheets. You can play it alone, or of course you can mix it with traditional hunting songs. * Amazon is the price including shipping fee.
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