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SOSPETTO-Smell Dispenser- (Rule explanation & play video)
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Red light intangible He loves to play and make, so he exhibited for the first time in the game market in the fall of 2018. Since then, I have been pushing forward with the goal of creating new games every time.
Shinigami-chan and Nanatsu no Taizai Last updated
Contrary to cute illustrations, it's a little bit severe Scratch the opponent and trap them to reap the soul. There is also a mode in which you can play while thinking carefully by yourself. Shinigami-chan's first job Is it possible to bring back the soul properly?
SOSPETTO-Smell Dispenser- Last updated
SOSPETTO-Smell Dispenser-To Become the Best Pharmacy in Town It is a batting game where you acquire the right to medicine with high value materials. The player with the highest total value of the rights finally acquired is the winner. Because you can guess the opponent's hand to some extent The pleasure when I dare to batting and stop the acquisition, Characters appearing as cooperators can also be enjoyed with various appearances and abilities. Vampires, doctors, assassins, clowns, etc ... It's also a good idea to win with your favorite character. Draw a card, swap the front and back, and exchange for another player There are various things that can be done in the player's turn, and each attacker is tried It is one of the pleasures to formulate your own strategy.
Apprentice I Witch No Night Last updated
Use a variety of tools and medicines to interfere with others and increase your reputation as a witch at nightly parties. This is a nervous breakdown-based game in which you flip through 25 cards placed in and draw cards of the same color or type.
SOSPETTO-Suspicious Weapon Craftsman- Last updated
SOSPETTO-Suspicious Weapon Craftsman-Replaces Master It is a dice game that aims to be the best craftsman who will reign as the next master. However, just working properly is not enough, Get the workshop tools you want to use ahead of other players Let's make the requested custom-made product faster than anyone else. And it's a watchmaker, a counterfeit writer, a magic mirror, etc ... It will be more realistic with the help of the stinking collaborators who live in this city.
Four Digits Last updated
Add the cards from your hand to the numbers in play A simple, clear and simple game that will be defeated if it is set to 4 digits (Four Digits). It's possible that a simple addition can jump to an unexpectedly large number. If you have a strong effect card to the end, the final score will be greatly reduced. It's a simple game with a hot battle between offense and defense.
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I'm interested in crowdfunding, but I can't take a step ..... I want to make an overseas version, but I don't know how to do it ... English support seems difficult .....
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