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Game Market 2020 Autumn CM Santa Kids Main
A board game in which five races compete for continental hegemony [Hegemonia Senki] PV
Understand in 5 minutes! Rules for the birth of mankind
Even small children can play! Adults are also fun! How to play Hyappiki Isshu
Studio Mundy
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Studio Mundy
The world is made up of play (games).
Birth of mankind Last updated
From monkeys to humans, let's evolve without extinction! A new sense communication game! 3-5 people / 12 years old-20 minutes
[Five unique races fight for continental hegemony] Hegemonia Senki Last updated
A middleweight full-scale euro game. Choose one of five unique races to fight. Area control, extended reproduction, set collection, negotiations, and various other elements are tightly packed into simple rules. The play feel is similar to Catan because of negotiations and resource-based developments. [2-5 people / 45-60 minutes / 8 years old and over]
An artistic battle game of Dr. Reiner Knizia, a master of the board game world! ] Knights Poker Last updated
This is a two-player game in which the player becomes the successor to the throne and overcomes the rivals with the help of five famous families. Alternately place wooden tiles with colors and numbers to compete for the strength of the finished poker role. Although it is a simple rule that can be learned in just 2 minutes, you can enjoy the incandescent development of each move. [2 people / 15 minutes / 6 years old and over]
[Anyone can play! Adults are also fun! Hyakunin Isshu of "Iro" and "Animal"] Introduction to Hyappiki Isshu Last updated
This is a karuta game that anyone, from children to adults, can enjoy playing. Even a small child can see and read the pictures, so it's perfect for educational purposes! Develop your child's reflexes and judgment. Since the base of the game is Hyakunin Isshu, adults are also incandescent! [3-8 people / 3 years old-10 minutes]