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Yayoi shrine maiden board game "-Ei Tenki-EETENKI" [Special news PV]
Left-handed card game "Sausupou" opening PV
Maximize the interests of fishermen "Oedo Jibikiami" rule commentary video
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Accent Circonflexe
[Keisuke Wada] Game designer of "EITENKI". Responsible for concept, game system design, and general direction. Representative of the game production group Accent Circumflèxe. [Yuhei Ishihara] Game designer of "EITENKI". In charge of graphic design, art direction, and material procurement. Founded Accent Circumflèxe with Wada. An entertainer who is a "rare comprehension" who understands and translates Wada language.
EITENKI Last updated
(* Price is planned) Ancient Japan, Yayoi period. The player becomes a shrine maiden who leads Kuni, grows rice while reading the flow of the weather, accumulates wealth, and trades with mainland China. Who will reign as the King of Wa "Himiko" and make a name for himself in history? In "Seitenki", you need logical reasoning, ability to read the other person's facial expressions, and courage to decide your stomach based on the game. While having a gambling-like taste, it also has elements of extended reproduction and bluffing. [Story] A long time ago, in some small countries there was a young woman who was good at demons. The power to read and manipulate the heavens often misled people, and they were eventually erected as kings. -"Seitenki" Civil War of Wa, Wakoku Daisuke (Between the turrets and spirits, Wakoku was greatly disturbed, further subjugation, no lord for many years) — "Book of the Later Han" Touden
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Ei Tenki crowdfunding started! Last updated
Crowdfunding of Ei Tenki will start on kickstarter!
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