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CUBEs with chopsticks
[New game] CUBEs one-on-one with chopsticks! !! Presented by "Joyple Games"
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A game production group that makes "CUBEs with chopsticks" and "Washi nest playing cards". We exhibited for the first time in the fall of Gemma 2019. There are no plans for live streaming at Game Market Live. We accept opinions and consultations on Teitter (in charge: deztec). Mail order is available at the link on each work introduction page. Thank you. Official website, etc .:
Washi nest playing cards Last updated
■ It is a "double-sided front" playing card. ■ Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture The town area of ​​Washinosu is used as a pattern, and Moka cotton, a traditional craft, is used as a tint block. Play in combination with regular playing cards. Detailed ways to play are available on the web! ■ Usually one set of playing cards is included, 500 yen including shipping, tax exempt
CUBEs with chopsticks Last updated
■ For 1 or 2 people ■ Chopsticks are used to stack blocks (CUBEs), and the person who is carefully stacked without breaking them wins! Now, can you stack CUBEs neatly with your chopsticks? ?? ■ Enjoy the unique analog sensations such as "use chopsticks", "feel the weight", and "find the center of gravity"! ■ This product is manufactured by outsourcing some work to a social welfare corporation. By purchasing this product, it is a product that can also contribute to social welfare activities. ■ Shipping fee not included, tax exempt
Caesar does not throw dice Last updated
■ "Isn't it really interesting to leave Sugoroku to the dice?" ■ It looks ugly, but it is a perfect information game with no luck factor. However, because it is a legacy system that throws away the board every play, it is difficult to establish a standard and winning tactics. ■ It is difficult for even a strong person to definitely win. If you think about it, you can increase the winning percentage, but even if you do it properly, you can win unexpectedly. ■ 700 yen including shipping, tax exempt