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Tank board game "Khalkha River Gun Voice" Game Description
Tank board game test play
Family board game "Morino Norisu" test play
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I'm shooting still advertisements in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. My main business is studio work. We are a group of photographers who are good at customizing abundant equipment and shooting equipment, but due to the nature of craftsmen (nerds), I woke up to make handmade board games, and I made 3D output of 3DCG modeled game frames, and took pictures. It was fun to try making outer boxes and card designs using the effects from, and I started as a side job. I am still a beginner in making games, so I would appreciate it if you could let me know the opinions of veterans.
"Khalkha River Gun Voice" Last updated
"Khalkha River Gun Voice" In 1939, a large-scale tank battle between the Japanese and Soviet troops took place in the border dispute between Manchuria and Mongolia, and 3D printer output such as the state-of-the-art Type 97 medium tank (Japan) and BT-7 fast medium tank (Soviet) at that time. A board game that allows you to simulate a local tank battle on a grassland board near the Khalkhin River using the pieces of.
"Morino Norisu" Last updated
"Morino Norisu" is a story of forest squirrels living in the rich forest "Morimori no Mori" far from the village where people live. We have to prepare for the coming cold winter. Find food that can be preserved before the forest is closed by snow. "Speaking of food that can be preserved ... acorns! You have to bring acorns home!" However, in the forest of wild squirrels who are crazy about collecting acorns, their natural enemies owls and foxes ... A family-friendly board game that children and parents can enjoy together.
"First Battle of Khalkhin" Last updated
"First Battle of Khalkhin" The outpost battle "First Nomonhan Incident", which can be said to be the day before the simulation board game "Battle of Khalkhin", which broke out in 1939 with the theme of the border conflict between Japan and the Soviet Union, was made into a game. This work can be expanded by connecting the maps of the gunfire of the Khalkha River. Of course, you can play this board game alone as the first battle. Japan's first domestic tank, Type 89 medium tank, Type 94 37mm rapid-fire gun, Soviet army BT-5 fast medium tank, etc. will collide.